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Button made from black or white nylon. Nylon buttons are light, dyeable, dry-cleanable and high temperature resistant. After different kinds of post-processing, they can be made into various buttons such as pearl, leather or children buttons. Nylon buttons can be widely used for both high fashion and casual wear.

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Category: Nylon Button
Material: nylon
Style: two holes, four holes, shank
Shape: round, other
Color: black, white, pearl, any dyed colors
Application: women’s clothes, knitted wear, sweater, shirt, etc

Short Production Time国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

The production process of nylon button is simple, so the delivery time is short.

Can be dyed in various colors国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Nylon is dyable. Nylon buttons can be dyed in any colors that match the garments.

Various Button Styles国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

There is a great selection of styles for nylon buttons.

Scratch Resistant and Dry-Cleanable国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

It’s also dry-cleanable and high temperature resistant.

Nylon Material and Effect国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

There are white, black and dyed nylon that meet different design.

black nylon button
Black Nylon
white nylon buttons
White Nylon
dyed nylon buttons
Dyed Nylon
dyed nylon buttons
Dyed Nylon
dyed nylon buttons
Dyed Nylon
dyed nylon buttons
Dyed Nylon
dyed nylon buttons
Dyed Nylon

Different Types of Nylon Buttons国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We provide two holes, four holes and shank nylon button for different uses.

Two or Four Holes Nylon Buttons国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Shank Nylon Buttons国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Suitable for All Types of Garments国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

You can find buttons filtered by usage

Winter Coat Button国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Sweater Button国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Need more information or get samples?国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We provide free samples and physical catalogues. If you need more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.

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