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The reflections of the flat back and point back rhinestones appear differently. With various colors and effects, our rhinestones could present the brightness like diamond or the simplicity like a stone. These rhinestones can be widely used on jewels, garments or decorations by gluing or inlaying in other accessories.

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Category: K Series
Material: acrylic
Style: flat back, point back
Shape: round, oval, square, eye, drop, heart, triangle, baguette, octagon, other
Color/Effect: transparent, opal, pearl opaque, ceramic, ceramic ab, marble, matte, spray
Application: jewelry, shoe&bag accessories, nail, phone, diy craft, decoration

Smooth Edge, Stable Sizes国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

The edge is strictly controlled and the size is stable, so the stones can be easily combined with other accessories.

Shiny, High Brightness国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We use premium raw material from CHIMEI ACRYLIC. The cutting surface is extremely smooth so the stones appear as bright as crystals.

Various Styles and Colors国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

A complete range of styles, sizes and colors to meet all designs. Colors are formed originally from injection. Not by dying.

Available in Stock国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We keep most of the shapes and colors in stock. Customers can make small orders in low MOQ with less burden.


Transparent Color国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Transparent is one of the classic color. We utilize the characteristic transparency of acrylic material and make the stones shine like diamond. There are over 40 transparent colors, which are able to meet all designs.

H Opal Color国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Inspired by opal stone. Different from shiny effect, the series features the glaze of opal stone. Colors are made directly from raw material without other finishing, so the stones look clear, not muddy.


FP Nacre Pearl Effect国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Inspired by the Nature, we have applied special spray technique to the acrylic stones and have developed around 50 pearl colors. The pearl luster appear smooth and glossy.

P Exclusive Pearl Color国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Exclusively created by SUNMEI. Opaque color with pearl luster, simple but gorgeous pearl effect. There are 36 colors options.


F Opaque Color国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

All types of opaque styles, for example, colorful candy colors, eye-catching neon colors or pastel macaron colors are available. 50 color shades offer you the best color collection for your unique design.

E Marble Effect国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

The black paint is sprayed on opaque stones to mimic the marble look. Designers can choose from a wide range of colors. Each color has its own feature.

flat pearl beads bulk wholesale

J2 Yellow Pearl国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

One of the classic effect for pearls. There are acrylic beads with pearl glaze. An extra coating is applied to the pearls to enhance their luster, so it would not peel off easily. The cabochon pearls in various sewing settings are elegant and perfect for any designs.

Animal Print Effect国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Various styles of flat back beads with wild and fashionable animal print like leopard, zebra, snake, tiger and so on. They are suitable for bold and trendy design.

acrylic-rhinestone-animal print leopard
K-acrylic components-fashion patterns

Fashion Patterns国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Designer pattern selections for acrylic components. There are stripes, checks, plaid, arrows, floral, leopard and many other fashion patterns. Add some specials to your project with these materials!

Raw Material
Raw Material100% premium raw material from CHIMEI ACRYLICgeneral raw material
Stylevarious shapes and cuttingsbasic shapes and cuttings
Color&Effectvarious colors and effectsbasic transparent color
Sizestable and complete range of sizes -from small to large sizedistributed and not stable, not all sizes are available
Edgefree of flash, smooth and exquisitelarge flash, rough, can scratch hand easily
Stockkeep most transparent colors in stockmost styles are make-to-order

Our acrylic stones pass SGS test report and meet the International Metal Standard. 国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

How to use国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录


Both pointed back and flat back stones can be combined with metal components like prong settings and claws


Flat back stones can be guled on different material like button base or shoe & bags accessories



Stones can be combined with metal components and used on all kinds of jewels like necklace, bracelet and earrings

Shoe & Bag Accessories

Shoes, bags and flips decorated with large rhinestones


Small sized, shiny and colorful flat back stones are suitable for nail art


Large or small sized rhinestones can be glued on phone case for decoration

DIY craft

Apply any shapes of stones and design a special craft

acrylic rhinestone application-home decoration icon

Home Decoration

Flat back stones with colorful colors can be glued onto frames, artworks or sofa

Need more information or get samples?国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We provide free samples and physical catalogues. If you need more information or samples, please feel free to contact us.

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S167-leopard print fashion acrylic rhinestones

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