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The color trends that will shape fashion in Autumn Winter 2021 are here and we’re looking forward to the wonderful ways they can be interpreted through the use of Sunmei Button products.?

Our range of rhinestones fit seamlessly into the AW 2021 color trends, which sees a departure from AW 2020 bold brights. AW 2021 shows off more muted tones in a nod to the dystopian present we find ourselves in. Our picks include Nostalgia, Pretty Pastels and Party Season.

The finer details are what completes any fashion statement, and rhinestones can be imagined in a myriad of ways to do just that. Elevate your AW 2021 collections with a touch or a splurge of rhinestone.?

These are the color trends for autumn winter 2021.?



A return to simpler times with the dreamy, blush tones of the Nostalgia color trend. It lends itself well to a minimalist approach to design, consisting of subtle pinks and rich creams.?

The simple, gentle hues of Nostalgia make way for ample room to play with embellishments, whether it’s the addition of an extravagant button detail on a gown, the distinguishing factor on the season’s clutch or a touch of fancy on a pair of heels.?

You’re free to make your selection of rhinestones that blend seamlessly into your AW 2021 collection, or request to customize your product for a bespoke selection.


Pretty Pastels国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Pretty Pastels

Fashion’s love affair with pastels does not abate for AW 2021, and it appears to be a color trend that will be around for a while to come. The Pretty Pastels color trend is at once a celebration of femininity and an acknowledgement of bolder, more graphic tones. Picture knitwear, tailored suiting and pretty frocks.?

The Pretty Pastels color trend presents opportunities for bold experimentation with your designs, merging subtle hues with more pronounced forms and detailing. It’s easy to see how easily rhinestones can smoothly fit into this mix.?

If anything, the Pretty Pastels color trend embraces a departure from traditional executions of pastels, opening up the way for new, unconventional approaches to design. Take your AW 2021 collections to the next level with the addition of rhinestones in a way never before imagined.?

Pretty Pastels

Party Season国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Party Season

The Party Season AW 2021 color trend sees the introduction of a decidedly darker, moodier palette. Defined by a range of colors that are selected as alternatives to black, it includes, greys, teals and purples.?

Perhaps a sign of these dark times, Party Season presents an alternative utopia, a deliberate retreat from the expected brights associated with party. We see this imagined by way of form-fitting gowns and dresses, elaborate jumpsuits and innovative new methods of designing fashion.?

Party Season makes way for the addition of adornment and ornamentation in fresh new ways, with rhinestones being the perfect artist’s tool. Sunmei Button has developed a collection of rhinestones inspired by the Party Season color trend, made to take your AW 2021 collection to new heights.

Sunmei Button has developed a range of rhinestone palettes inspired by the color trends for autumn winter 2021, but we’re also here to create a custom product fit for your distinct design needs. Bespoke is always a winner and is sure to make your AW 2021 stand out from the rest.?

Drop us your email address to see the complete trend book, or contact us for samples.?

Party Season


We’re proud to present the SUNMEI range of rhinestone palettes inspired by the color trends for autumn winter 2020, but remember that we also provide the opportunity to create a fully customized color made specifically to your design needs. Nothing beats one of a kind so get in touch now to take your AW2020 to new heights.

Drop us your email address to see the complete trend book, or contact us for samples.

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If you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us and ask for samples!

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