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Founded in 1992, with headquarters and factories in Tainan, Taiwan, SUN MEI BUTTON ENTERPRISE CO., LTD is one of the leading brands in garment accessories industry. With two brands, SUNMEI ACRYLIC RHINESTONE and SHANGHAO BUTTON, and branches in Guangzhou, China, our product are sold worldwide.

For over 20 years, we specialize in acrylic, sew-on and clawed rhinestones. As well as all kinds of buttons, including acrylic, plating, nylon and rhinestones buttons. We offer a wide range of styles including designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used on shoes, bags, clothing, wedding gowns, hair accessories, decorations, nail arts, handcrafts, etc.

At SUNMEI, we use an ERP manufacturing system to manage the production. Therefore, our product features high and sustainable quality. Also, we have strong R&D and high manufacturing capability. We devoted to innovation and to demonstrate this, and new designs are released regularly. Besides, OEM is also acceptable.

To meet our customers’ needs, SUNMEI is dedicated to providing the best quality, value, and service. We respect our customers and look forward to building a long-term business relationship with them in the future. Becoming the best supplier of the garment accessory industry in the world is our goal, that’s why we will keep striving for excellence.

OUR FACTORY国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Products are produced in Taiwan by our own injection machines and molds to ensure high and stable quality. Our production is make-to-stock so there are 2,000 square meter warehouse for stocks.

WHY CHOOSE US国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Over 20 years experiences. A very reliable supplier.国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We specialize in acrylic rhinestone and button manufacturing for over 20 years. SUNMEI can assure our customers that products are with very high and stable quality. There is no difference between each batch of production.

ERP manufacturing system. High quality.国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

We control every step of the process and every single order by using ERP manufacturing system to manage our production line. If there is a complaint, we are able to track the production by its lot number and solve the problem immediately.

Over 10 thousands of choices. Keep innovating.国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

SUNMEI carries a wide range of styles including designs, shapes, sizes, and colors. With strong R&D and high manufacturing capability, we release new designs and effects regularly. Also, clients are welcome to make their own design.

Bulk running stock in Factory. Very fast delivery.国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

To shorten the lead time and give customers a prompt delivery, we keep bulk running stock in our factory. Customers may make an order today, and we deliver the goods today.Goods can be delivered from our branches in Guangzhou or Taiwan.

EXPORT AROUND THE WORLD国民彩票官方pk10,国民彩票代理登录,国民彩票手机版下载登录

Our products are exported to China, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe and US. With years of experience in exporting, we can quickly understand customer’s needs and provide the best quotation and service.









New Zealand

Hope to build a long term partnership with us?

If you would like to know more about us or visit our factory, please feel free to contact us.

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